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Lady Shares Story To Inspire Those Thinking Of Suicide

Lady Shares Story To Inspire Those Thinking Of Suicide
Nengi Jegelski Peron: Lady Shares Story To Inspire Those Thinking Of Suicide by LilGenius :
It's saddening how the act of suicide has turned into the latest trend. People indulge in the practice this unnecessary act called suicide like they are competing with someone. If it isn't because of low JAMB result, it's because of failed relationship - though there are more causes.
On the same vein, the Facebook User, Nengi Jegelski Peron shared her story which to others would have been a perfect reason to commit suicide. But, she fought through it, and today she can look back and be glad she didn't take the absurd step, suicide.
Here's her story:
I'm a lady o. My mum had heart issues when I managed to get into uniben. My step dad lies to her he sends me 15k monthly when he sends me 4k which ended in my 1st year. 4k a month for feeding and all the entire month...I couldn't afford books. All my days in uniben, I could boast of just one #700 text book. I'm my second year, my step dad packed and left my mum, she was sick, she was weighing 105 when she was OK, as at this time she was weighing 52! There was nothing she could do about my situation.
I fetched water for other student, washed clothes and plates just to get #500 to survive, this was how I lived in Ekosodin Benin. Till I graduated. Though I came out with a 3rd class because I couldn't meet up with a lot of things I needed to do as a student. But glory to God all the same. Sometimes, for 3days I eat 1ce. Today, all that
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