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Purpose (Part 1)

Purpose (Part 1)
My life, in retrospect, has been quite different from that of an average teenage girl brought up in one of the metropolitan cities of India. I was born in the year 1986 in Kolkata and brought up in the same city. I spent nearly 27 years of my life there.
I started struggling with questions regarding living a meaningful and purposeful life, when I entered my 30s. I had always strived to do little acts of kindness in my everyday life, ever since I can remember. It has always been my life's motto.
This soon turned into a strong desire to live a meaningful life. Why would I want to live a meaningful life? This is something I ask myself as I write this article. It is a desire, to add goodness to the world. I feel goodness should be encouraged, that a lot of problems in the world can be solved by acts of love and kindness.

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