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Nobedad is a blogging platform where people can create stories and where other people can read those stories.
People tend to read blogs which are in line with their interests. Start advertising on Nobedad to target your audience.

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Why should you advertise on Nobedad?

Low costs
Nobedad has fixed low costs.

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Measure your advertisements to get the results you want. Get to know how your advertisements perform.

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Target the audience you want in the country you want.

Only pay per click
Only pay when people click your advertisements.

Statistics on your revenues
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How can you start?

1. Create an account
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2. Create a campaign
Create a campaign. Choose your runtime and your budget and target your locations.

3. Create an advertisement
Create an advertisement in your campaign. Set a unique name and pick a type of advertisment. Underneath an article, or in the newsline.

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