About us

Nobedad is a blogging platform. Nobedad tries to create a platform where content is written by the people, for the people. This could be in the form of news articles, opinion pieces or blogs. We give access to an easy to use, free system in which people can create their own content and share it with the world.

Why do we do this

We also think that writers, bloggers or journalists have to earn their share. Information have to be spread to keep the world informed. Therefore we share our advertising incomes with our publishers. It is also important to us that people can spread their thoughts on the internet.

Why should i do this?

So if you have a voice, opinion or you have something to say. Create an account on Nobedad and let the world hear your voice through your own blog, newspaper or magazine. It is free and safe!

Where are you coming from?

Nobedad is a company originated from the Netherlands.

Frans Halsstraat 17, 3351VC
Papendrecht, South-Holland
The Netherlands

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